An Experiment to Improve the Hot End Coating Process in the Production of Glass Bottles


  • Natchanun Angsuseranee Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi
  • Mintra Isaragkun Na Ayuttaya
  • Supattra Khamhom
  • Weerayut Warnitkomonnan


Improvement, Hot End Coating, Production, Glass Bottle


The objective of this article is to improve the hot end coating process in the production of the company’s of glass bottles. The study parameters were the spraying volume and spraying rate of the bottle coating solution. The glass bottles that were experimented upon had variables adjusted to the specified values and were then examined and tested by measuring the hot end coating value, slip testing, impact testing, vertical load testing, and internal pressure testing. The test results obtained must be under the quality control standards of the company. From the experiment, it was found that by spraying 3 cc/stroke with a spray rate of 15 strokes/min, the process capability ratio (Cpk) increased from 0.48 to 1.64. Making such adjustments can also help reduce the consumption of coating solution used from the previous process by 10 percent.


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