Open access for articles to be published in the Journal of Manufacturing and Management Technology (J.MMT) Vol.3 Issue 1


Journal of Manufacturing and Management Technology is open access for articles with relevant content areas in the Science of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Technology and all branches of Science. At least three academic experts will evaluate each manuscript. The J.MMT format outlined in this manual must be rigorously followed by article contributors. The editorial team maintains the right to reject any articles that are faulty for publishing.

Types of Published Articles

1. Research Article, which describes the research background and techniques, is written based on the author's personal research data, observations and suggestions.

2. Academic Articles are divided into two categories:

     2.1 Review Article is a thorough introduction to academic topic and is based on a review of scholarly papers in this field. through comparison, analysis, summaries of issues, criticism, and recommendations.

     2.2 General Academic Article displays the author's academic background and professional experience. a piece of writing that combines facts and opinions Academic reviews and technical articles may be included in a general academic article.