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วิมลิน สันตจิต
อรรถพร ฤทธิเกิด
สุธาสินีน์ บุรีคำพันธุ์


The objectives of this research were 1) to study and analyse the cultural identity of Manora, and 2) to design jewellery based on the cultural identity of Manora. The population and the samples for the first objective were informants classified into three groups with three informants to each group. The method used to select the informants was specific identification, and the tool used to gather the information was informal interview. The population and the samples for the second objective were five experts in jewellery design. They were selected based on their minimum of five years of experience in jewellery design and they were selected to evaluate the jewellery design.

The results showed that the cultural identity of Manora jewellery and costume was most suitable to be adapted. Manora jewellery and costumes were embroidered with beads in Lok Kaew (crystal balls) or Khoa Lam Tud (diamond) pattern. The colour tone of the costumes reflected the cultural identity of Manora. From a study and analysis of twenty sketches of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, ear rings and rings, the second sketch entitled “See good chance” was most suitable to be developed as a prototype because its overall evaluation was ranked number one with a mean of 4.11 and a standard deviation of 0.57. Its top three aspects were aesthetic quality, materials and manufacturing process and compatibility with those who wore it. The researchers also designed three packages to the jewellery. The second design was highly suitable for development as a prototype scoring a mean of 4.51 and a standard deviation of 0.41. Its top three aspects were product protection, advertising communication and marketing.


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สันตจิตว., ฤทธิเกิดอ., & บุรีคำพันธุ์ส. (2019). A STUDY OF MANORA’S CULTURAL IDENTITY TO BE APPLIED IN JEWELLERY DESIGN. Journal of Industrial Education, 18(2), 127-139. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JIE/article/view/176049
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