• สุมาลี เชื้อชัย Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Education Faculty, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Keywords: Blended Learning, Social media, Teaching and learning management


Now a day Instructional learning has been converted from traditional learning to Online learning. However, some learners were not ready to handle with the completed online learning, they still need to meet the teachers in class. Thus, the blended learning is a popular option we apply in the present. There are various ways of blended learning. The most found model is the blended learning of Face to Face (F2F) and online learning. The most attractive online learning instruments for the learners to get involved in the lesson are Social Media as Facebook; line application, you tube as they are easily accessible technology and the learners have used them in daily life. Social Media can use as tools for communicate, channels for sending content and teaching media in classrooms and online learning.


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