The Synthesis of a Current-Mode First-Order All-Pass Filter Using DO-CCTA

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อดิเรก จันตะคุณ


This article presents the synthesis of a current-mode first-order all-pass filter using DO_CCTA. The all-pass filter consisted of two DO-CCTAs, a single grounded capacitor and a single grounded resistor. The experimented circuit could be electronically controlled with DC bias currents. The results were found to be slightly affected by the environmental temperature differences. Also, the output current had high impedances which is an advantage of the current-mode configuration. The results of simulation with a PSPICE program were that frequency, phase and transient response agreed very well with theoretical analysis.


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จันตะคุณอ. (2015). The Synthesis of a Current-Mode First-Order All-Pass Filter Using DO-CCTA. Journal of Industrial Education, 14(1), 129-136. Retrieved from
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