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เอกพงศ์ อินเกื้อ


The purposes of this study were 1) to study the physical characteristics and production process of Lao-Song basketry 2) to analyze the identity of Lao-Song basketry in the design of decorative products. This study was conducted by qualitative research. Two steps were taken that were; step 1. to study physical characteristics and production process of Lao- Song basketry, and step 2. to analyze the physical data of Lao Song basketry to be applied in the design of decorative products.

The research found that;

  1.   The unique and existence of Lao Song's woven basket is Kaleb, Kamuk and Panpuan. The physical appearance consists of 3 parts; the bottom, the central, and the top. There are two types of structures; 1) structured with template and 2) freeform structure. The production process consists of 3 steps; 1) the material preparation, 2) the structure and basketry and 3) the work pieces maintenance.

  2. The interesting physical characteristics applied in the design of home decorative products were the top part which included rattan woven techniques.

This study investigates the unique and interesting techniques in the Lao Song production process in the Central Region Basin, and applied to contemporary decoration products with emphasis on material blend. This may be useful and exemplary in adding value and preserving local identity.


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