A Selection of Plant Layouts With Analytical Hierarchy Process: A Case Study on Transformer Manufacturing Process

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Nattapon Boonrak


This paper presents an approach to the application of the Analytical Hierarchical Process for the selection of the best plant layout for the transformer manufacturing process. There are five criteria to be used in the decision-making which are convenience and safety, efficient use of space, material handling distance, material flow, and flexibility in use. The research begins with an analysis of the problems of the current plant layout to establish the relationship of each activity occurring within the factory area in order to use the data to design 3 alternative plant layouts by using the principle of Systematic Layout Planning. The Analytical Hierarchical Process is then used to assist in deciding the best plant layout. It is found that plant layout 3 is the most suitable. On comparing the efficiency of the current plant layout with the selected, it is found that the layout improvement reduces the distance of workflow in the case study plant by 52%. In terms of space efficiency, it is found that the space efficiency of the new plant improves by 62.9%, and the average time the workpiece required to be in the production system decreased by 28.2%.


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Boonrak, N. . (2021). A Selection of Plant Layouts With Analytical Hierarchy Process: A Case Study on Transformer Manufacturing Process. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 8(2), 68–78. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JEET/article/view/246873
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