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Saranya Sripisuttitham


This paper aims to report experimental comparative investigation on the thermal performance and heat gain reduction between of a Photovoltaic Roof Solar Collector with Phase Change Meterial with DC fan (PVRSC-PCM) and simple roof concrete (SR) ,mounted on the roof facing the south side of the two miniature houses with a volume of 1.73 m3 to compare the performance of a model house equipped with a PVRSC-PCM withDC fan chimney to the simple roof concrete. The experimental results revealed that indoor temperature of PVRSC-PCM room was less than that of single roof concrete rooms. PVRSC-PCM could include ventilation and reduce heat from under roof was more than that of single roof concrete room.The PVRSC-PCM is expected to promote development solar energy use,save cooling and protect environment.

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Sripisuttitham, S. (2021). INVESTIGATION OF THERMAL PERFORMANCE OF PHOTOVOLTAIC ROOF SOLAR COLLECTOR WITH PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL . Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 8(1), 11–21. Retrieved from
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