EFFECT OF RIBBED TUBE WITH TWISTED TAPE ON HEAT TRANSFER อิทธิพลของท่อผิวครีบที่มีแผ่นบิดส่งผลต่อการถ่ายเทความร้อน

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Kengkla Kunnarak


This paper studied the effect of ribbed tube with twisted tape on heat transfer. Ribbed tube with rib height 1.0 mm and ribbed pitch 36 mm Twisted tape with tape width 16 mm, the tapes with three twist ratios y/W=3.0, 4.0 and 5.0. Double pipe heat exchanger was used as the test section. Experiments were performed using the air as the working fluid at Reynolds numbers (Re) 5000-15,000. It can be observed that heat transfer of the ribbed tube perform higher than those the plain tube. The ribbed tube with twisted tape give higher heat transfer than ribbed tube and plain tube, respectively. The ribbed tube with twisted tape y/W=3.0 give the highest heat transfer. The effect of Reynolds number, the experimental results showed that heat transfer increases with increasing Reynolds number.

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Kunnarak, K. (2021). EFFECT OF RIBBED TUBE WITH TWISTED TAPE ON HEAT TRANSFER: อิทธิพลของท่อผิวครีบที่มีแผ่นบิดส่งผลต่อการถ่ายเทความร้อน. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 8(1), 53–59. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JEET/article/view/244335
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