A Review of Effective Knowledge Management System for Control in Mining Industry in Thailand: A Case in Point

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Phanu Waraporn


The availability of effective knowledge management
systems is considered to be now very vital when coping with
today’s dynamism and complication both within and surrounding
organizations. However, due to small implementation of
Knowledge Management systems in this industry, this
becomes disappointing. Either the projects do not produce
the results that organizations desire or the added value of the
implemented technology seems limited or unreachable. This
paper explains the effectiveness of having a knowledge
management system in place for the overall economical aspects
and control of the firms. As a result of literature review
and past experiences, we can identify shortcomings of current
methods, techniques, and supporting technologies. Based on
preceding concepts, four design guidelines for the specification
of effective knowledge management systems are proposed.
The application titled Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) is
now being undertaken at a disclosed mining company in
Thailand as a case study.

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