Medical Supply Monitoring System of Rural Areas in Nepal

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Laxmi Prasad Yadav
Utomporn Phalavonk


There are many online databases for medicine management
used by health offices, which provide health service to the
people in a rural area in Nepal but these developed fragmentally
and often can not communicate and share information. In this
study open source softwares such as: PHP, MySQL, and
Apache were used to build up a web based database for storing
disease information of the inhabitants in rural areas in Nepal.
The objective of this study was to develop a web
application for collecting information related to disease and ill
inhabitants of rural areas at Sub Health Post (SHP) level. The
system provides information to decision makers of health
service network to supply medicine, equipments, and technical
manpower to specific Sub Health Post. The system security
features give permission to the users who have authority to
access the system with a login feature. The system successfully
performs the function of each user, who has authority to access
the system.

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