The Future of e-Commerce Security

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Pita Jarupunphol
Wipawan Buathong


The growth of e-commerce clearly relies upon a strong
support from consumers and merchants. Since security of
sensitive information is an issue of concern to e-commerce
consumers, it is vital to have security criteria and mechanisms
in order to address this issue. Recently, there have been several
secure e-commerce applications invented to fulfil e-commerce
end-user security requirements. Many of these applications,
however, have not really taken on because they fail to meet
e-commerce end-user implementation requirements. For
successful implementation of secure e-commerce applications,
there is a need of coordination between e-commerce application
developers and e-commerce end-users. Currently, it can be
seen that this requirement has not yet been achieved. The
more security requirement is fulfilled, the less systems meet
implementation requirements. This paper considers current
situation and the future of e-commerce security.

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