A Model of an e-Learning Management System Based on Cloud Computing and Web Service

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Thongchai Kaewkiriya
Nattavee Utakrit


This is the era of global communication which is a very exciting time in the field of information technology. Technical advances such as the internet combined with software applications aid and enrich our modern daily lives. Thus, large businesses and the private sector can see the benefits of embracing these applications to gain the advantage over their competitors. Moreover, this not only applies to businesses but also the educational field. This paper focuses on the particular technologies that have been applied to support education, for instance, learning management systems and e-Learning. This paper also covers the difficulties facing these approaches such as the limitations of the Internet, lack of expertise in development of media and digital content, the difficulty when collecting learning material distributed throughout the internet, and the cost of development. Therefore, this paper presents a conceptual model of distributed learning management systems by using Cloud computing combined with web service technology to solve the problems mentioned above. 

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