The Improvement of Test Case Selection for the Process Software Maintenance

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Adtha Lawanna


Software maintenance is one of the critical parts in the processes of Software-Development Life Cycle. The body knowledge of maintaining the new software versions base on the abilities of fixing bugs, the revision of programs, the plan of preventing future constraints, and the software-development in piece and performance. While the modification has been retaining, the structure of code has to be retested to gain a level of assurance that it will be conducted relying on the requirement functions and faults in the program. According to this situation, the test cases of each program must be generated in minimum numbers in order to improve the revised modules and reduce execution times through the entire software system, including saving cost of maintaining codes. Concepts of resolving this problem is ongoing by the techniques of regression test such as random and safe selection. The traditional techniques focus building methods for reduce the numbers of selected test cases, including the percent errors. Therefore, this article proposes the new technique that gives the lower numbers of test cases, while the faultless rate is higher than the traditional techniques.

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