Design and Development of Coconut Dehusking Machine Using Raspberry Pi

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Roland Calderon
Edgardo E. Cedeno
Razel C. Tulod


This study aimed to design and develop the automated Coconut Dehusking Machine using Raspberry Pi as minicomputer due to its flexibility and credibility of powerful CPU that send notification via GSM to mobile phone that is essential for counting dehusked coconut without using other computer peripheral devices. In addition, the device is equipped with limit switch to count the coconuts that have been dehusked and 16 x 2 sized LCD for displaying number of dehusked coconut. Furthermore, the device is operated by 2 horse-powered Electric Motor in rotational speed of 1,800 rpm under 220 volts main power source. A gearbox, roller chain and sprocket with 60 x 3 in sizes are used extremely to decrease the speed and at the same time may increase torque of the motor. This study was conducted at SLSU Lucena determined to be of help not for individual farmers but for mass use thru cooperativism or other banking financial schemes which adhere to modern way of farming. The researchers followed the process of developmental research through planning, designing, testing, modifying and evaluating the acceptability of the machine by the technical experts as respondents chosen purposively. From the gathered data, analyzed and interpreted, the developed machine is highly acceptable. After the modification it has been proven that the existing coconut de-husking machine is more efficient in terms of saved time and energy, more productive, easy to operate, human and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the machine performed above 92% efficiency in all the tests cases which significantly revealed the efficiency performance of eighty-seven percent (87%) over-all efficiency performance out of one hundred fourteen (114) coconuts in ten series of actual testing.

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