An Access Control System using RFID and Face Verification with QR Code-based Enrollment

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Ekarin Suethanuwong
Supachoke Sukkasame


The objective of this paper is to propose the system architecture and implementation of an access control system using RFID technology and face verification. The implemented system was employed to control user’s access at the tripod turnstile gate in the library of the Prince of Songkla University (Trang Campus). The access control system is divided into two parts: enrolment and access control. In the enrolment part, the system obtains the user information from three processes: (1) the basic user information (e.g., full name and university identification number) is received via a SOAP web service,
(2) the face image of a user is detected by using the camera of a mobile phone, (3) the UID data of a RFID card is read in a form of QR code by using our enrolment board. In the access control part, the RFID reader board forwards the UID data reading from an RFID card into the main controller board via RS-232 communication. The main controller board is used to send the UID data into the Flask web server in order to retrieve the corresponding face image encoding, and then verify with faces that are detected from the webcam at the tripod turnstile gate. The main controller board also controls the tripod turnstile gate via the push-pull solenoid and receives external signals from the proximity sensor and limit switch. The performance of the implemented system using the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board as the main controller board in terms of verification accuracy and response time was measured, and also compared with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano board.

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