Online Video Media Integrated with the MIAP Learning Process about the use of Basic Word Processing Programs in Case of Mathayomsuksa 5 Student with Hearing Impairments

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Peerachai Kumma
Wiphasith Hiranrat
Wiphasith Hiranrat
Boonlueo ์Nabumroong
Sakchan Luangmaneerote


This research aims to develop and explore the effectiveness of online video media integrated with the MIAP learning process about the use of basic word processing programs, to find the learning progress of the learners and study the relationship between academic achievement after learning and the satisfaction of learners. This research used purposive sampling consisting 11 Mathayomsuksa 5 students with hearing impairment who studied dual education at Surin School of the Deaf. Online video materials, post-test and the student satisfaction assessment form will be used for assessment providing mean, percentage, and Pearson's correlation coefficient. The result found that online video media integrated with the MIAP process has been developed with efficiency equal to 1.67, meeting the requirement of Meguigans' criteria. Besides, it was found that the learners had higher learning progress of 64.44%. It was concluded that the online video media integrated with MIAP learning process was highly effective, while the post-learning achievement and student satisfaction were not significantly correlated with the 0.05 level.

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