The Development of Spatial Research Information System for Rajabhat University Network

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Phanuwat Khanja


Rajabhat University is the educational institutions for the local community, and it is one of the largest networks of educational institutions in the country. However, it has not been fully integrated and immersed with all the local community development projects. This research study, ‘Development of Spatial Research Information System.’ used community collaboration to engage and Rajabhat University Network associate. The purpose of this study was to 1) design and develop a spatial research information system and 2) find the efficiency of using information system for spatial research for the Rajabhat University Network.

                This paper presents the results of information technology apply to the knowledge database to linking community issues. Each Rajabhat University will also support and decisions in the development of community areas. This system consisted of the essential data 6 groups which are: 1) Research Information 2) Researcher Information 3) Specialist Information 4) Creative Work information 5) Community information and 6) Community Issues, and link an academic knowledge to community contexts. The performance of information system is highest level with mean of 4.73 and the standard deviation was 0.64 can be applied to the sample group. The satisfaction of applying the system is highest level with mean of 4.71 and the standard deviation was 0.61, the system is compatible with users. Finally, this research utilization to the Rajabhat University Network, with usually use the system. This system is affected by the strength of the academic and community.

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