Factors Influencing of Digital Readiness and Digital Technology Acceptance for Leveraging Towards a Sustainable Smart Digital Rajabhat University

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Sunisa Kidjaideaw
Prasong Praneetpolgrang


This study aims to 1) study the factors influencing of digital readiness and 2) factors analysis of digital technology acceptance for leveraging towards a sustainable smart digital Rajabhat university. This is a quantitative research that uses closed-end questionnaires with 38 executives from Rajabhat University of Thailand. Data analysis used exploratory factor analysis together with t-test to find the right factor by selecting observed variables with an average of more than 3.50 confirmatory factor analysis to confirm the relationship between observed variables. The research found that the 4 factors that influence the digital readiness consist of 19 observed variables and the 8 factors in digital technology acceptance consist of 48 observed variables. Moreover, the results of the research can also be used as a guideline for the development of readiness and digital technology acceptance model for digital Rajabhat University in Thailand.

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