Development of Efficient and Secured Electronic Transaction Document Interchange Architecture Framework among Public Sector with Blockchain Technology

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Chaiporn Thoppae
Prasong Praneetpolgrang
Nivet Jirawichitchai


The objective of this research is to find ways to develop an electronic document exchange architecture among government agencies with efficiency and security based on blockchain technology. This research used both qualitative and quantitative method. By collecting data from the policy, theory, and related works used in-depth interview with 25 experts. Then, we determine the content analysis and design a framework of electronic transaction document interchange architecture. A case study in the food and drug administration (FDA) for the  proposed architecture framework. In this regard, guidelines for developing electronic document interchange among public sector must focus on bringing the unique properties of blockchain technology to solve problems in order to reduce the complicated work processes, including network accuracy with decentralization, security and safety, participation, transparent,  trust, rights to access,  and deal with the international standards. The result of using the architectural design found that document sending and receiving with symmetric encryption technique of Diffie and Hellman to encrypt documents with electronic signature and blockchain technology could solve the problem of electronic transaction document interchange among public sector efficiently and with high security.

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