Scoring Thai Language Subjective Answer Automa ic Sys em by Sematic

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เศรษฐชัย ใจฮึก
สรุศักดิ์ มังสิงห์


A subjective test is the test that does not have options to choose to answer the question but narrative writing is used to answer questions, which requires an amount of time for the examiner to score and takes a long time to determine the accurate score. An online Thai-language examination system was developed and implemented at ChiangRai Rajabhat University for “GEN1102 The Information System in Daily Life” subject, by using keywords searching and comparison. However, the researcher found problems of different vocabularies with the same meaning. In this research, the ontology concept was introduced to solve the semantic relations problems before processing score evaluation. As the results, the system performance test showed that the new developed system had an average value of the precision at 94.42%, the recall at 59.92 % and the F-measure at 72.52%. The result of t-test also showed that the similarity between expert and system developed was no statistically significant difference at the 0.05 level. The satisfaction survey of the system found that the satisfaction of the experts was at good level (x̄= 4.49, S.D. = 0.52) and the satisfaction of users was also at good level (x̄= 4.21, S.D. = 0.70).

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