My Lucky Clothes: Application for recommending clothes based on daily horoscope

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Some working people have too much cloth which they hardly match all their cloth together. Some wear clothes which their colors are matched to daily horoscope. Wearing an outfit corresponding with horoscope is a belief that people would get a nice day and also gain more self-confidence.  Currently, there are lot of applications to help manage many clothes. Though, none of those applications can suggest an appropriate set of clothes that suit with daily horoscope. If users want to wear clothes that corresponds with daily horoscope, they might have to search the clothes based on color horoscope table by themselves. "My Lucky Clothes” application was developed on mobile phones which can recommend an appropriate set of clothes from an existing user’s clothes with respect to colors in daily horoscope and user preferences. The application  allows user to add their cloth images into the system. Then the system will remove the background image and detect key features of clothes in order to create a set of outfits that can be recommended to users to wear each day accordingly to horoscope. Users can view details about the clothes or  add, delete and edit them. The system testing results of detection of colour, type, striped, and length of cloth is averagely 70.42%, an average score of user satisfaction of application is 4.1 out of 5. The results indicate that “My Lucky Clothes” can help create a new set of outfits from user's clothes which suit with daily horoscope and user preferences.

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