Detection and Localization of Unauthorized Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Prusayon Nintanavongsa
Itarun Pitimon


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has gained popularity recently, in both commercial and leisure purposes. Thanks to
the technological advancement and dramatically lower manufacturing cost, UAV becomes very affordable and
widely accessible to the public. This poses several critical security issues, ranging from merely loss of privacy to
life-threatening incident. Consequently, it is crucial to be able to detect and locate an unauthorized UAV operator in case of
critical security breach occurs. We propose a system to detect and locate an unauthorized UAV operator using UAV.
This UAV, equipped with a directional antenna, performs unauthorized UAV operator detection and localization tasks
by traveling along the predefined path and narrows down the potential area as time passes. The key performance metrics
under investigation are coverage area, identifiable area, time to identify an unauthorized UAV operator, and error rate. We
demonstrate, through simulation studies, how UAV service ceiling, UAV speed, and antenna directivity have an effect on
the key performance metrics of the system, together with, the optimal operating condition.

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