Development of Cyber Resilience Framework for Cloud Computing Services

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เอกฉัตร บ่ายคล้อย
ประสงค์ ปราณีตพลกรัง
นิเวศ จิระวิชิตชัย


The purposes of this research were 1) to create a cyber resilience framework for cloud computing services and 2) to develop an evaluating method of cyber resilience for cloud computing services. The qualitative and applied researches were methodologies that underlied both in related theories and the NIST cybersecurity framework. The research focused on both in-depth interviews and focus group with cybersecurity experts include with collecting data from cloud service providers. With the data analysis process, it found that cyber attacks became more violent, sophisticated and smart attacks. However, researchers synthesized and developed cyber resilience framework for cloud computing services. In addition, application was developed for cloud computing service
providers that they could adopt to self- evaluation in order to improve and develop on cybersecurity level for cloud computing services and cyber resilience in the future.

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