Development of Decision Support System in Impact and Severity from Flood in Phuket

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เอสเธอร์ เสงี่ยมกุล
ธนาภรณ์ ปานรังศรี


The purpose of research is the development of decision support system in the impact and the severity of floods. Data management in agencies involved in disaster management collected the different structured data and various technologies. Therefore, they occur the problems and delays in data analysis
and decision making. This research presents the disaster data management using Business Intelligence (BI). The researcher collected requirements (Infrastructure data and indicators). Requirements were collected and classified for Information architecture design. The result of Information architecture
can be made to Schema design. In the case study, which focuses on the severity of risk areas of the floods. Data were collected from Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Phuket (DDPM Phuket) and Phuket land use data from GDEN, PSU Phuket campus. Data can be extracted, transform, and load into Data warehouse using ETL process and online analytical processing (OLAP) method. The result of the analysis is presented as reports on the dashboard.
The dashboard and data warehouse are evaluated by 15 domain experts. This BI system can be utilized. The mean score was 4.53 (S.D. = 0.62). The system can facilitate decision making. The mean score was 4.07 (S.D. = 0.77). The system can be used to plan, track and analyze flood data in Phuket.

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