Development of an Automatic Water Level Measurement System from CCTV Pictures Using Gray Scale - Thresholding and Regression Analysis Techniques (Pilot Phase)

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อุรินทร์ โสตรโยม


This research article presents the concept and processes about the development of water level measurement system from Closed-Circuit Television Pictures (CCTV) using gray scale technique and thresholding analysis referring to the point shown on the staff gauge which was measured from the CCTV pictures from 3 pumping stations (consisting of Klong 13 Station, Mahasawat Station and Chulalongkorn Watergate Station). Then, the regression analysis technique has been used for creating the mathematical model operated inside the system, in order to determine the water level. After developing the system, its performance was evaluated comparing to the data obtained from visual inspection from each pumping stations more than 250 values within about 1 month.
After evaluating, it has been found that the average correlation coefficient was more than 0.96 and the coefficient of determination (R-square) was about 0.94 which presented that the developed system has good performance. Therefore, it can be extended for water management by the Royal Irrigation Department in the real situation.

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