Interactive Media Learning in Basic Chinese based on Pinyin

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เดชาวุฒิ วานิชสรรพ์
สุวิมล ห้วงเกษม
นฤมล อรชร
พรฤดี สิทธิพงศ์
รุจิกา บุญเชิด


Currently, the great china has been rapidly developed. With economic growth, China seemed to be one of the powerful countries in the world. Learning Chinese was also an important task. The main objective of this research was to develop an interactive media learning in basic Chinese based on Pinyin in order that learners would enhance multiple skills, which is listening, speaking, reading and writing. It comprised several media such as animation, images, alphabets, and 1,783 sounds pronounced by Chinese native speaker. The media were separated into six sections, which are a principle, pinyin, constructing Chinese alphabet, vocabulary and game. Its content covered from basic lessons to difficult lessons in order to help the learner to practice listening, spelling, especially to correctly practice writing Chinese alphabets. The media could be practically used on several operating system such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The experimental results reveal that after using the media, the learners could enhance learning achievement, and satisfaction level is very high.

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