An Empirical Investigation On The ICT Competency Readiness in ICT SME Sector Towards The Digital Economy In Thailand

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Kriengkrai Bhuvanij
M.L.Kulthon Kasemsan
Prasong Praneetpolgrang


This research addresses on the Thailand ICT competency readiness towards the Digital Economy in ICT SME sector which ICT HR competency is a key factor to drive the sector and the country towards the economic growth and social development.  The in-depth interview and focus group with the experts from the ICT SME stakeholders from government, industry, business and academic sectors specify the required competencies which consist of not only knowledge and skills but also attitudes which are much more the important part.  From the study, besides the current major concerns on the ICT readiness of ICT SME sector are presented, the ICT SMEs reveal that there is a big gap between the existing ICT competencies and the required ones while the ICT competencies which need to take as a priority to be developed are also identified.  This research calls for serious attention from all stakeholders to take action to develop competencies of ICT workforce and improve the current Thailand’s ICT Competency Readiness.  The results of this ICT Competency Readiness research will help all stakeholders in ICT SME sectors be able to prepare ICT workforce with the right national policy to propel Thailand to be competitive in the Knowledge-based Economy and the ASEAN Community.

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