Assessment and Improvement Performance of Supply Chain Management of Strawberry Products of Doi Kham Food Products Co., Ltd.


  • Angcana Malasam Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University
  • Wichai Chattinawat Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University


Supply Chain Operation Model, Supply Chain Management, Analytic Hierarchy Process technique, Strawberry


This research aimed to assess and improve the performance of supply chain management of strawberry products of Doi Kham Food Products Co., Ltd.. This research devised an assessment model of strawberry supply chain management performance which was developed from the principle of Supply Chain Operation Model to assess the competition strategy of company. This research also applied the Analytic Hierarchy Process technique in order for the management to selected the metrics that correspond to the company performance consisting of cost, reliability and responsiveness. The assessment result from two main products of premium fresh strawberry and products from strawberry in 4 areas of source, make, deliver and return were used to define the improvements.  The results of applying the sustainable agriculture and stakeholder participation model help increasing the reliability performance, maintaining the field productivity and improving quality and safety of fresh strawberry. The application of Lean technique increases the productivity and responsiveness performance of the make process.  The application of Material Flow Cost Accounting decreases the negative product and cost of production and reduce production cost. The overall result indicated that the company supply chain management was improved and promote sustainable competitive strategies for the organization now and in the future.


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