Influence Parameter of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium 5083 Butt joint

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Anuwat Supian


This research aims to study the influence of a variable mechanical Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium 5083 butt
joint. That used in many industrial applications, which are widely used by industry, such as in the car industry,
assembly ship industrial. In addition, this also is trying to use this grade of aluminum to replaced steel material
since aluminum is lightweight, but strength in one level. From a study of the influence of variables mechanical
properties of butt joints. Between the aluminum by using Friction Stir Welding and various variables defined,
include the rotating speed, welding speed, Insert of Tool and Tilt angle. Then studied mechanical connection
variables influence the properties of structural welding seam to make the analysis of variables and compare in each
variable connection friction. From this research found that, at 800 rpm welding speed at 75 mm. min–1.
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respectively. At this condition found the Defect in welding. At 800 rpm welding speed at 125 mm. min-1. found the
highest tensile strength and not Defect in welding, the value is 244 MPa.


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