Applications of energy monitoring using the IoT


  • weerathum chaiyong Department of Electrical Technology, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Nakhon Phanom University, Nakhon Phanom, 48000 Thailand
  • Somchat Sonasang Department of Electrical Technology, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Nakhon Phanom University, Nakhon Phanom, 48000 Thailand



Energy monitoring, Internet of Things, IoT, ESP8266


 This paper presents electrical energy measurement and monitoring for an Internet of Things (IoT) home electrical load. Energy monitoring included design, experimentation, and implementation of an IoT system for this purpose. The application used an IoT system based on an ESP8266 micro-controller and a lowcost PZEM-004T current sensor. The ESP8266 has general-purpose pins and a built-in Wi-Fi chip system. Electrical energy was displayed on a smartphone and the data was saved to a cloud system. Experimental results consisted of fixed and variable loads. The fixed loads were of three levels, 100 W, 600 W, and 1,600 with respective average errors of 0.004%, – 0.31%, and – 0.57%. The current of the variable load was higher during heating and was reduced when the device was serving to keep its sample warm. Measurements of voltage, current and total electrical power data of various loads were recorded and displayed. These values were monitored using a smartphone via a LINE application to alert the user to abnormalities. The system has the advantages of being user-friendly, simple, and inexpensive.


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Author Biography

weerathum chaiyong, Department of Electrical Technology, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Nakhon Phanom University, Nakhon Phanom, 48000 Thailand

Faculty of Industrial Technology, Nakhon Phanom University, Nakhon Phanom, 48000 Thailand


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