Dual power sources with photovoltaic and small water turbine for generating electric supported flood mitigation

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Surajitr_PhD Pramuang
Penprapa Honghoen
Atchara Phunphon


This study aims to investigate the electric generation systems used for flood relief by integrated photovoltaic with a small water turbine. Solar panel type of polycrystalline by size of 330 Wp and area of 2 m2 was parallel connected to the small water turbine with dimension of 1.24 m width and 2 m length. The Bankie wheel turbine has 1 m diameter with 12 blades. The flat blades has area of 0.30 m2 constructing on the floating tubes. The floating tubes fabricated across the wheel turbine dues to protect the turbine from flooding debris and it control the turbulent stream to be the laminar stream. The solar panel fabricated as the roof of the water turbine on the iron structure dimension of 1 m width, 2 m length and 1.40 m height. The photovoltaic was tested under

the conditions of solar intensity ranged from 976.63 W m–2 to 1,139 W m–2 and ambient temperature of 29 oC. In standard conditions of solar intensity, the efficiency of photovoltaic obtained by 16.30% and fill factor of 0.96. Deep cycle battery 45 Ah and DC/AC inverter 12 V 500 Wp were connected to the generating system. The gearing ratio of wheel turbine to generator’s axle was 1:7 to generate electric from water stream. The relationship of turbine rotation and the generator rotation was performed in laboratory experiment that found to be linear. The voltage obtained by 9.30 V at the generator rotation of 174 rpm. The power producing from photovoltaic and small water turbine obtained total load by 350 W for lamps, fans, and mobile chargers. The dual power sources can be used for producing electrical supply whenever people islanding in flood disaster.


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Pramuang, S., Honghoen, P., & Phunphon, A. (2021). Dual power sources with photovoltaic and small water turbine for generating electric supported flood mitigation. SNRU Journal of Science and Technology, 14(1), 7-11. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/snru_journal/article/view/244729
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