Flexible Thermoelectric Thin Film Devices


  • Chatchavit Seetawan
  • Atiwat Seetawan
  • Chutpong Paiyasen
  • Phannomphan Chaiyapet
  • Somporn Thaowankaew
  • Pennapa Muthitamongkol
  • Urai Seetawan Teacher


Nano and micro generator, Flexible thermoelectric generator, Harvesting energy, Electricity from human body heat, Thermoelectric thin film


Flexible thermoelectric devices (F-TEDs) thin film has been converted heat from chest skin energy to electrical energy. We proposed the novel uni-leg TEDs thin film using a polyimide (PIM) flexible substrate as low thermal conductivity and minimize heat losses, n-Bi2Te3 thermoelement very good properties at low temperature and Ag electrode thin films as non-oxidization fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering method and annealed this film at 473 K for 8 min. The F-TEG thin film placed on chest skin has been generated maximum output electrical voltage 8.90 mV and electrical power 1.20 μW cm2 at different temperature between the chest skin and ambient air about 5 − 7 K.


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