The main objectives of this journal are:

  1. to publish research articles and academic articles in science and technology, Journal focus are Electrical Engineering, Electronics and communication Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment Engineering and Agricultural Engineering;
  2. to become a center for exchanging innovations in science and technology among researchers and interested persons;
  3. to become a collection of interesting and valuable research papers and articles;
  4. to promote and encourage Southeast Asia University researchers and interested persons to develop innovations.


To publish research articles and academic articles (Review articles, Technical article, Special Articles) in science and technology.


SAU JOURNAL OF SCIENCE  & TECHNOLOGY  is published two issues annually. The first volume is published between January and June and the second is published July and December in each year.

Published: 2021-11-13

The Structure Design of Backpacks for Energy Harvesting

Parinya Kiatpachai, Arsit Boonyaprapasorn, Wanachart Borisut, Anotahi Suksangpanomrung, Weerapun Duangthongsuk

1 - 14

The Comparison of Electrical Energy and the Economics of T8 LED bulbs with Spherical LED bulbs

ประสิทธิ์ สุขเสริม, สิริวิช ทัดสวน

15 - 26

Design and Build Solar Energy Paddle Wheel Aerator

Pipat Lertkowit, Bundit Inseemeesak

27 - 42

2D Truss Analysis from DXF file in FreeCAD

จักรี ติยะวงศ์สุวรรณ, จิรัฐิติ์ บรรจงศิริ, สมภพ ลิ้มประไพพงษ์

43 - 55