Publication Ethics

The PKRU SciTech Journal categorized the contributors into three categories: Author, Editor, and Reviewer. These groups of persons must adhere to certain roles and duties, the details of which are as follows.

Duties of Authors

1. Authors must conform to the PKRU SciTech Journal's guidelines for manuscript preparation.

2. Authors must confirm that the written work relies on academic facts.

3. Authors must be certified for involvement in human research ethics, or use of animals for scientific purposes (if applicable).

4. The author's work must not have been previously published in any manner.

5. All authors who appear in the journal must be actively involved in the work process.

6. Authors must not plagiarize other people's works and themselves without citation.

Duties of Editors

1. Editors must consider articles that are consistent with the scope and objectives of PKRU SciTech Journal.

2. Editors must use academic principles and reasons for considering articles without subjective judgments.

3. Editors must check the quality of the articles after the evaluation process by reviewers before publication.

4. Editors must not have any interest in authors or articles submitted for consideration.

5. During article evaluation, editors must not disclose author information and reviewer information to other parties.

6. If plagiarism is discovered during the review process, editors need to stop the evaluation and contact the corresponding author for clarification before accepting or rejecting the submitted article.

Duties of Reviewers

1. Reviewers must consider the article with academic principles and reasons without subjective judgments, and consider the importance, being contemporary, quality of data analysis, results, and discussion.

2. If plagiarism is identified, reviewers must notify the editor immediately.

3. If reviewers discover a conflict of interest in the article, they must notify the editor and decline to evaluate the submitted article.

4. Reviewers must evaluate the article within the specified timeframe.

5. During the evaluation process, reviewers must not reveal author information or the submitted material to other parties.