Kriging Interpolation: Alternateive Approach for Ungaged Daily Estimation

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S. Tantanee


According to the problem of lacking daily rainfall data for the studied area, the method of rainfall estimation for the ungagged site is needed. Although, there are several processes to interpolate point rainfall from the available measured records of surrounding raingages, these methods provide the average values without the statistical consideration. Kriging interpolation which is the geostaiistic process then is applied to estimate the daily rainfall data. The study was undertaken to investigate the Kriging interpolation application for daily rainfall estimation by using 2005 daily rainfall records of 10 stations distributed over eastern part of Bangkok. Compareing the obtained estimated values among Kriging, the simple arithmetic mean, and the spatial interpolation of Inverse Distance Weighing (IDW), it apparently shows that Kriging interpolation provides lowest level of Root Mean Square Error (RSME) and good preservation on the statistical characteristics, as well.


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