Reviews of Computer-Aided Technologies for Jewelry Design and Casting

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Somlak Wannarumon


The paper reviews the existing and state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies and computational techniques, which can be applied to jewelry design and casting. A broad array of techniques are selected and ordered into three key parts: design; model-making; and casting, that outline the core of computer-aided jewelry design and casting. Computer-aided design and haptic technologies are surveyed in the purposes of supporting the design of jewelry and shape modeling. Rapid prototyping and computer numerical controlled machines are reviewed in the functions of fabricating physical jewelry models and developing the direct tools. Computer-aided engineering technologies are investigated in the rationales of simulating lost-wax casting process and optimizing process parameters. Artificial intelligence techniques are reviewed in intentions of developing algorithmic designs, and assisting hard computations and parameter optimizations in designing and casting. With those computer advanced technologies, major challenges and solutions are systematically discussed and commented to address new developments for jewelry industry.


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Wannarumon, S. (2014). Reviews of Computer-Aided Technologies for Jewelry Design and Casting. Naresuan University Engineering Journal, 6(1), 45–56.
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