Development Scheme of JewelSense: Haptic-based Sculpting Tool for Jewelry Design

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Somlak Wannarumon Kielarova


This paper proposes a framework of development of haptic-based jewelry design named JewelSense. In this paper, a prototype of haptic-based sculpting tool for jewelry was developed to be used in model-making stage. A haptic sculpture tool and haptic system are developed in VC++ and rendered by OpenGL. A 3D virtual sculpting tool is modeled and controlled by a haptic device, which is integrated to virtual jewelry model-making 3D environment through the proposed haptic sculpture interface. Haptic technology is applied to jewelry design as virtual art in which designers and goldsmiths are able to create new designs by using virtual sculpting tool. The tool is used in graving jewelry workpieces, which are represented by virtual material such as virtual wax, in virtual jewelry model-making environment. The new shape modeling system allows users to utilize their handicraft skills while working in the virtual environment. The system allows a less constrained, more natural and intuitive interaction with virtual models especially in conceptual design phase. Users are able to physically feel with the designing object while working on the haptic-based sculpting tool. The virtual tool helps for reducing cost and time in product design process. However, this tool is also applicable to other industrial designs.


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Kielarova, S. W. (2014). Development Scheme of JewelSense: Haptic-based Sculpting Tool for Jewelry Design. Naresuan University Engineering Journal, 9(2), 1–7.
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