Analysis of Aeration Rate and Bubble Characterizations with Different Diffusers

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Prattakorn Sittisom


This study addressed the increasing of dissolved oxygen (DO), using DO meter, bubble vertical velocity and size between different types of air diffuser, using Tracker software. Based on the findings of this study, it was found that bubble vertical velocity and size are affected by several factors such as flow rate, type of air diffuser, and flow turbulence. Among these factors, it was noticed that the flow rate has the greatest effect on the bubble vertical velocity and size followed by type of air diffuser. Obtained results show that a large sphere diffuser (Dl) provided the greatest increasing rate of DO and finer bubbles which easily dissolved into the water. But a small sphere (Ds) and cylinder (Dc­) diffuser provided bigger bubbles with higher bubble vertical velocity which led to less of contact time and lower DO increasing rate.  


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Sittisom, P. (2022). Analysis of Aeration Rate and Bubble Characterizations with Different Diffusers. Naresuan University Engineering Journal, 17(2), 10–16.
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