Proposing a Conservation Management Plan for Bara Katra

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Shirajom Monira Khondker
Mehnaz Tabassum


Dhaka, the capital of independent Bangladesh, since 1971 has a historical background of nearly 400 years which is expressed and traversed as a symbol of power, dignity and artistry. In this research study, the authors selected a unique historical and architectural monument of old Dhaka, named “Bara Katra”. This historical artifact bears testimony to the style and design of Mughal architecture in Bengal that served the purpose of Caravan sarai. It is undoubted that this magnificent edifice of grand scale and one of the most important historic remains play an important role to represent our cultural heritage or our glorious past. But in present day this structure is in poor condition and hidden within dense settlement. In the light of the above revealed situation, it has been felt that a conservation management plan (CMP) of Bara Katra is essentially needed to make it sustainable. This study concentrates on the accomplishment of proposing the conservation management plan for the conservation and management of outstanding historical heritage building Bara Katra of old Dhaka. The overall research study conducted here is focused on the demonstration of the possible directions of conservation strategies with degrees of intervention and action plans to integrate the artifact with the urban fabric by creating proper access and visual exposure. Therefore, the authors propose Conservation strategies including degrees of intervention and action plans for the management of this historic building on the basis of authentic documents and other historic evidences to prolong the life of the cultural heritage with own belief and historical value that lies represented by the artifacts.  

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Khondker, S. M., & Tabassum, M. (2018). Proposing a Conservation Management Plan for Bara Katra. Nakhara : Journal of Environmental Design and Planning, 14, 57–78.
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