The behaviour of tungsten oxide on phosphor-tellurite glasses for photon proton and alpha particles shielding


  • Sunantasak Ravangvong Faculty of Science and Technology, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University
  • Punsak Glumglomchit Huahin Vitthayalai School, Hua–Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110 Thailand
  • Kunlanun Pranudomrat Huahin Vitthayalai School, Hua–Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110 Thailand
  • Latthaphon Muangsri Huahin Vitthayalai School, Hua–Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110 Thailand
  • Paramee Lertlimpiyarat Huahin Vitthayalai School, Hua–Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110 Thailand
  • Amonwan Supakom The demonstration school of Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, 73000 Thailand
  • Kittisak Sriwongsa Lecturers responsible for Bachelor of Education Program in Physics, Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, 73000 Thailand and The demonstration school of Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, 73000 Thailand
  • Sakchai Glumglomjit School of Geotechnology, Institute of Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000 Thailand
  • Wanna Wattana Division of Science and Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University, Phetchaburi, 76000 Thailand



Mass attenuation coefficient, Mass stopping power, Projected range


This research, photons shielding properties such as mass attenuation coefficients (mm), effective atomic number (Zeff), effective electron density (Nel) and kinetic energy per unit mass (kerma) relative to air for WO3 based on TeO2–P2O5–WO3 glass system have been simulated by WinXCom software program at energies of 10–3–105 MeV. Also, buildup factors (BFs) have been estimated at widely energy ranging 15 keV – 15 MeV for penetration depths (PD) until 40 mean free path (mfp). The results of glass system in formula (70–x) TeO2–30P2O5–xWO3 at   x = 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 mol% exhibited that the partial replacement of TeO2 by WO3 was adjusted photons attenuation behaviors for get better. In addition, mass sopping power (MSP) and projected range (PR) were evaluated using SRIM software program for proton (H+1) and alpha particles (He+2) at kinetic energy ranging 10 keV – 10 MeV. The results may be inferred that glass sample with high WO3 content was superb for photons, proton and alpha particles attenuation. The results of this research may be useful in enhancing optimization and potential to use as a transparent material to against photon, proton and alpha particles.


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