Mechanical System Design of the MicroHydro Power Plant in Solok West Sumatera

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henny sudibyo
Ridwan Arief Subekti
Anjar Susatyo


This study aims to design a microhydro power plant part of a mechanical system, starting with a potential of technically feasible water resources for the hydropower potential in Rangkiang Luluih Solok, West Sumatera, Indonesia. This area is geographically located at coordinates around 100°52'15.6"east longitude and 0°57'9.7" south latitude. The potential of a micro hydro power plant in Solok District, Tigo Lurah District, Rangkian Luluih from the measurements obtained a gross head of 100 m, with a net head of 97.70 m and a measured discharge of 1 m3 s-1. The scope of mechanical work includes the selection of mechanical equipment and design of supporting equipment. The selection and design were aimed at producing technical specifications and basic dimensions. Design data was derived from the result of the conducted field survey and optimization consisting of the result of hydrologic analysis and the result of scheme and energy optimization. The basic criteria of design were based on the following: selected microhydro scheme, condition of planned microhydro location, head and energy to be generated. From the calculation, the results of the type of turbine analysis are Francis, total turbine 2 units, unit  537 kW.

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sudibyo, henny, Subekti, R. A., & Susatyo, A. (2020). Mechanical System Design of the MicroHydro Power Plant in Solok West Sumatera. ournal of aterials cience and pplied nergy, 9(2), 514-521. etrieved from
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