Application of Thermoelectric Generator in Incinerator

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Kongphope Chaarmart
Archsuek Mameekul


The thermoelectric generator (TEG) can direct conversion of waste heat into electricity is alternative green energy. The main problem of TEG is a cooling system for its cold side. In this work, we have studied the efficiency of TEG added Community Garbage Incinerator (CGI). The 200 liters of the incinerator was fabricated with 24 of TEG by series. The Stirling engine was employed to fabric a cooling system. In an experiment, the CGI was performed for 30 minutes. Also, the voltage-output () was measured and averaged for ten times. We found that the maximum  open circuit value of 20.71 V was obtained at a temperature difference equal to 67.70 °C. The calculated efficiency showed the efficiency of 23.94% for the heat-sink cooling system has enhanced to 47.30% for Stirling engine cooling.

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Chaarmart, K., & Mameekul, A. (2020). Application of Thermoelectric Generator in Incinerator. ournal of aterials cience and pplied nergy, 9(2), 498-506. etrieved from
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