Low Electrical Resistivity of Nano WO3-doped ZnO Thermoelectric Material

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Wasu Cheewasukhanont


The ZnO thermoelectric material was reduced electrical resistivity by doping nano WO3 powder in solid-state reaction process by using ZEM-3 at temperature range of 373 – 873 K in Ar atmosphere. The results found that the XRD patterns show the nebulous phase matches with of ZnWO4 belonging to the monoclinic structure. In XRD patterns were appeared WO3 peaks in crystalline structure of ZnWO4 phases, and the SEM showed an intensive distribution of WO3 into the grain boundaries. The average Seebeck coefficient of WO3-doped ZnO sample was increased from −30 to −75 μV K−1 indicate n-type thermoelectric materials. Moreover, we can reduce the electrical resistivity ranged from 16 mW cm to 34 mW cm. The highest power factor of sample is 0.024 mW m−1 K−2 at 473 K. The results revealed that doping nano WO3 with ZnO also could promote to using for the thermoelectric devices at high temperature application.

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