Reducing the Complexity of the Skew Angle Detector and Corrector for Bit-Patterned Magnetic Recording

DOI: 10.14416/


  • Santi Koonkarnkhai Advanced Signal Processing for Disruptive Innovation Research Center, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
  • Piya Kovintavewat Advanced Signal Processing for Disruptive Innovation Research Center, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University


Magnetic recording, Bit-patterned media, Skew angle, Viterbi detector


A current magnetic recording technology is approaching the superparamagnetic limitation, which makes it impossible to increase an areal density (AD) beyond 1 tera-bit per square inch (Tb/in2). A bit-patterned magnetic recording (BPMR) technology is an alternative solution to replace the current technology, which can achieve AD ​​up to 4 Tb/in2. Practically, a skew angle (SA) is one of the major problems that cause faults in the detector.  Without SA detection and correction, the overall BPMR system has greatly deteriorated.  This paper presents a method to reduce the complexity of the SA detector and corrector, which can be achieved by comparing the target coefficients and the BPMR channel impulse response using a SA profile.  When the SA is detected, a suitable pair of targets and equalizer for the detected SA will be employed in the data detection process. In addition, the complexity reduction makes the trellis diagram used in the Viterbi detector have a fewer number of states and branches, specifically from 36 states with 6 outgoing branches to 32 states with 4 outgoing branches. Simulation results show that the proposed system can provide similar performance to the conventional system at the AD of less than 2.5 Tb/in2.


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