About the Journal

Journal Information and Review Process

The journal of industrial technology (Online ISS์N 2697-5548) is an academic publication which devotes to be a medium to disseminate knowledge, research, invention, and innovation for academics. The article provides and reports of interest to the field of engineering technology such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, production engineering, industrial engineering, environmental engineering, energy and renewable energy engineering, computational engineering and etc.

For publication, the submitted articles will be reviewed through a preliminary assessment process for the quality and scope of the content, duplication, and plagiarism by the editorial board and then evaluated for an academic quality for academic quality by at least 3 experts in related fields, who are outsiders from various institutions. The authors and reviewers do not know each other's information (double-blinded peer reviews) and are not affiliated with the same institution. The high quality-reviewed manuscript will be considered to be accepted for publication. For the last step, the editorial board will verify and proofread the articles before online publishing and printing out all in the journal for further publication.

In addition, the research and academic works published in this journal are considered as the independent opinions of the author. The author is responsible for any legal consequences that may result from the published articles which editorial members not always necessary to agree.

Publishing schedule

The journal of industrial technology is published in 3 issues per year.

Issue 1 will be published between January and April of every year.

Issue 2 will be published between May and August of every year.

Issue 3 will be published between September and December of every year.

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

Journal of industrial technology publishes manuscripts written in Thai and English languages. The format of the journal, such as page size, font style and size including the description for preparation of the article content, reference, figure, and table is summarized in the manuscript template file which can be dowload from the journal website as follow; https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jit_journal/index.

The author can be sumit the article by submission system online at http://ojs.kmutnb.ac.th/index.php/joindtech/index หรือ Email: jit.journal@gmail.com

Journal Article Access and Publishing charge

Access rights and publishing charges are supported by College of Industrial Technology, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok.

Authors and readers do not have to pay any open access and publication fee. All articles will be published open access with free of charge for anyone to read, download and distribute their information.

Publishing Ethics and Plagiarism Policy

The process of reviewing and publishing research and academic articles in the Journal of Industrial Technology is an operation that involves systematic connections between authors, editors, reviewers, and the coordination management. All parties will work closely together to maintain ethical standards in the publication of articles and work with academic etiquette. Therefore, the Journal of Industrial Technology has determined the ethical responsibilities of those involved in every sector as follows:

Editors' Responsibilities

  1. Editors and/or editorial team are responsible for reviewing articles submitted for consideration and publication with the journal. Considering the consistency between the content of the article and the journal's objectives including checking for duplication of work, quality of articles in the evaluation process, and articles before publication. It retains the right to make the final decision on approval for publication of articles that have passed the journal's evaluation process.
  2. Editors should maintain ethical standards and research transparency. The editor will consider requests to retract the articles or correct the article if you receive information or receive a request from the author.
  3. Editors must consider articles and make decisions without any bias to obtain quality article content and academic value.
  4. Editors must evaluate manuscripts based on academic value without personal and commercial interests.
  5. Editors should not publish information related to articles that are being evaluated for publication.
  6. Editors should immediately conduct a thorough investigation according to authority and duties appropriately if they find any doubts related to research misconduct.

Reviewers Responsibilities

  1. Reviewers should have expertise in the subject area that corresponds to the article. Consider the article in detail, and create according to academic principles and reasons. Taking into account the quality of the article is important, free from bias and personal opinions. There is no conflict of interest with the author who is responsible for evaluating the results within the period specified by the journal.
  2. Reviewers evaluate the received manuscripts for originality, creativity, accuracy academic value content integrity language structure clarity of assumptions/objectives validity of research methods, and discussion of results. Organizing articles and references correctly according to academic principles as well as providing comments and suggestions that are beneficial to the quality of the article.
  3. Reviewers should maintain information related to articles that are being evaluated for publication.
  4. Reviewers must not have conflicts of interest with the author, both directly and indirectly, or any other reason that prevents the reviewer from expressing his or her academic opinions freely. The reviewers should reject the evaluation of the article and inform the editor of the reason.
  5. Reviewers must inform the editor when evidence of research ethics violations is found in the evaluated articles.

Authors Responsibilities

  1. Authors are responsible for the content of the article, which is an original work of factual study without distortion of information. and free of false information.
  2. Authors are responsible for submitting articles for publication. Articles that are requested to be considered for publication in the journal should not be under consideration by other journals during the same period and must not have been published anywhere before.
  3. Authors must disclose conflicts of interest arising from their research.
  4. Authors must write acknowledgments including specifying the source of funding that supports research.
  5. Authors must be permitted to disclose research data or confidential information from relevant organizations.
  6. All authors whose names appear in the article must be the person conducting the research and participating in the research process.
  7. Authors are prohibited from sending articles written by others to be considered for publication in the journal.
  8. Authors are responsible for plagiarism, which is prohibited by the journal. All articles submitted for consideration must be checked using plagiarism detection software.

Ethics for Research with Human and Animal 

  1. Research articles that experiment with or involve humans or animals must be approved by an ethics committee.
  2. Research must meet relevant international standards for experimental ethics.
  3. Authors should specify that the steps are included. Conforms to the ethical standards of the responsible committee.