Development of a Document Control Program for the Integrated Management System of Quality, Safety, and Environmental of the Automotive Industry

DOI: 10.14416/


  • Oumarin Chanyoothayotin Department of Health Science, Master of Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
  • Sudaw Lertwisuttipaiboon Department of Health Science, Master of Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University


Document Control Program, Integration, Automotive Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Thailand's automobile sector is large and critical to the country's economic progress. For long-term success in exports, a management system that prioritizes quality, safety, and the environment is essential. This developmental research aims to develop (1) a document control program for the integrated management system of the automotive industry, and (2) a document control program manual for the integrated management system of the automotive industry. The research process consisted of collecting and analyzing data on the integrated management system of the automotive industry. Then, a document control program was written in Microsoft Excel 2013 by using the properties of visual basics for applications. The researcher developed the document control program manual, tested the program and checked the quality of the draft manual by 5 experts using the quality assessment form with 5-point Likert Scale. The results of the study were as follows: (1) a document control program consisting of program windows, forms, user forms, commands, and text boxes; and (2) the document control program manual consisting main component, program and code generation, command to run the text box, and data entry. The quality evaluation results were 4.63 and 4.73, respectively, which was considered the highest quality level. This will bring more efficiency to document control and finding information easier and faster.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)