The Control System of the Machine for Dropping Soap into Molds

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Chinoros Laoongwan


The Control System of the Machine for Dropping Soap into Molds to increase the efficiency of the production process for a group of housewives in agriculture. The researcher applied the innovation and technology for its design. The micro-controller system of Arduino UNO was used for the operational processing of the machine. The important components of the system were the filling tank, the control system of the injector operation, the control system of dropping length, and the heat set. The machine was designed with 2 injectors namely injector A and injector B. The study factors were the operational duration of injectors, the appropriate dropping length, and the weight of soap cakes which were produced from injector A and injector B. The findings were that at the duration of valve opening at 10 seconds and the appropriate dropping length at 6 centimeters, the average weight was at 100.55 grams for the injector A and 100.62 grams for the injector B which both were not below the setting value at 100 grams. The flow of liquid soap can be dropped continuously and consistently even though the quantity of soap liquid was low.  The Control System of the Machine for Dropping Soap into Molds produced the maximum 720 cakes per hour from 2 injectors.  Increased more than 6 times with the labor force does.

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