Producing Artificial Wood from Pallet Wood Powder Mixed with High-Density Polyethylene from Recycled Water Bottles

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Kittiphan Boontositrakul
Itthi Plitsiri
Wiphada Thepjunthra
Kittipong Suweero


The objective of this research aims to mix HDPE plastic bottles with wood pallet wastes to form the artificial wood panels. The mixtures of HDPE polyethylene plastics and pallet woods were designed in five different ratios. The HDPE plastics and pallet woods were crushed through sieve No.4 and No. 60 respectively. The plastic scraps and wood powder are mixed by using a two-roll mixer. The artificial wood panels formed by pressing under hot conditions at 1,300 pounds per square inch and a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. The artificial wood panels were tested for tensile strength, impact strength, surface hardness, density, and water absorption. The experimental results indicate that the amount of mixed pallet wood powder affects the properties of the artificial wood panels and composite materials, resulting in an increase in hardness and density, as well as a decrease in tensile properties and impact force. These 5 ratios of artificial wood panels are suitable for the production of home decoration and souvenir products

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Boontositrakul, K., Plitsiri, I., Thepjunthra, W. ., & Suweero, K. (2024). Producing Artificial Wood from Pallet Wood Powder Mixed with High-Density Polyethylene from Recycled Water Bottles. Frontiers in Engineering Innovation Research, 22(1), 1–8.
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