Programming For The Game 180 IQ

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Supaporn Fongchanta
Wichet Singto


The purposes of this research were construct the game 180 IQ programme which can be able to randomize problems and this solutions and study the user’s satisfaction of the game 180 IQ programme. There are 3 cases of this programme, that are 1) Random 4 digits problem and 2 digits solution. 2) Random 5 digits problem and 2 digits solution and 3) Random 5 digits problem and 3 digits solution. The operations that can be used to computer are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, n-root, factorial and summation. The 180 IQ program has 12 levels and it can run on both computer and smartphone. The user’s satisfaction survey was applied to 624 people including Mathematics teachers and students in Chiang Mai and nearly provinces. The average point of the satisfaction is 4.12 which is the good level.

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